Betting on the next DeFi explosion, will NGKEX become the new engine?

If someone asks, what is the most popular wealth password in today’s crypto industry? I believe many people will definitely answer the DeFi field.

So where are these popular DeFi projects concentrated? I believe many people will say that it is on Ethereum. After all, the rise of DeFi is driven by Ethereum-based projects such as Uniswap and Compound. At the same time, many platforms in the DEX field, which are now very popular, are also based on Ethereum.


However, the trend is changing now. The problem of serious congestion in the Ethereum network has become more prominent, and the high gas cost has become the biggest challenge for DEX. So, what kind of DEX will take over the “UNIs” of Ethereum and become the next wave of DeFi explosion and wealth creation?

Here we take the newly launched NGKEX of the NGK blockchain as an example. From the perspective of market users, the four major demands of DEX are analyzed: asset selection, best prices, fast transactions, and lowest costs.

First, let us look at the asset selection. The NGKEX is a real wealth aggregation platform. Users can conduct various types of transactions through NGKEX, including crypto trading, leveraged trading, OTC trading, and contract trading.


Users can transfer digital assets through the wallet, and then conduct the related transactions to obtain income.

Next, the best price. According to NGK official data, although NGKEX has only been online for one week, the total amount of liquid assets is very large and is increasing every day. At the same time, the number of new accounts registered by NGKEX is also showing a sharp increase every day. It is understood that the current total liquid assets of NGKEX have exceeded US$1.9 billion, which is about one-third of UNISWAP. In terms of the optimal price for some mainstream crypto trading, the liquidity is very sufficient.

In terms of slippage, the NGKEX’s slippage is very low. It is determined by the bottom technology of NGKEX backed up by the NGK blockchain. The NGKEX adopts the PMM market maker mechanism, which can effectively avoid the impact of large-scale slippage on the platform, and also avoid the losses caused by slippage.


Next, fast transactions and the lowest cost. The NGKEX adopts graphene technology and IPFS, while continuing the DPOSS consensus mechanism and opening the TRC20 channel. Thus, the transaction speed is faster, the transfer efficiency is higher; the gas fee and handling fee are lower; and the transfer handling fee is free.

You should know that the current processing speed of the Ethereum network is about 15 transactions per second, and it takes about 20 seconds to perform a Swap operation on Uniswap. This is based on a smooth network. Once the Ethereum network is congested, the users generally need to wait for more than 1 minute and may even encounter transaction failures.

The NGKEX is backed by the NGK blockchain. With the performance of NGK blockchain, the NGKEX takes only about 3 seconds for each transaction operation. There is almost no sense of delay for users, and the transaction experience almost catches up with CEX.

In addition, unlike most DEXs, the NGKEX will also provide a wide range of token transactions, blockchain education, blockchain project cultivation, blockchain asset issuance, blockchain research, and blockchain public welfare and charity services. It provides blockchain knowledge for users in all aspects, support the construction of blockchain, and promote the development of blockchain.

Therefore, the NGKEX is the most valuable and far-sighted ecological platform. In the future, as the number of Dapps on the NGK blockchain increases, various Dapps will also inject new momentum into NGKEX. The NGKEX will also support other applications to jointly build a complete NGKEX ecological chain and become the new engine for the next wave of DeFi.



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