Attention NGK computing power holders, tens of millions of SPC computing power rewards are coming!

Who doesn’t want to receive the airdrop? However, it needs to pay attention in the way of receiving it! Recently, there is a relatively lively thing in the currency circle. The entire currency circle is discussing on how to make a windfall, that is, to find a project like BGV that will airdrop!

Currently, NGK, the publisher of BGV, has made another big move! The NGK side chain coin SPC has been launched on the wallet, and a highly anticipated candy airdrop is about to hit those with the NGK computing power!

The leader receives 800,000 USDN for computing power, and computing power benefits are coming soon! This is another benefit of SPC that is about to start. The second round of benefits will be launched centered on the holders of computing power!

In the first round of BGV airdrop benefits, most of the community groups posted orders ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. According to the high market value of BGV, most investors in the currency circle were jealous about it. Thus, now most of them have started to pay attention to this SPC project of NGK!

For most people, including the author, they are particularly jealous on this as to obtaine enough of airdrops, it required a certain amount of costs and to have two characteristics.

First, is to has enough of accounts. The NGK computing power of each account of the airdrop is limited, so more professional investors will open a lot of wallets to check in advance. This is a relatively high threshold for ordinary investors. Most investors just speculate in coins, but NGK, as a practical project party, is very concerned about our ecological builders. NGK can open multiple accounts very conveniently and quickly.

Secondly, is to has enough of costs. More NGK computing power provided by liquidity need to hold if to receive more airdrops. Coupled with so many accounts, it is really much more effective to use airdrop candy.

In fact, the most critical point is to layout in advance. There are so many projects on the market. Before the official airdrop, only a few people know which project will eventually reach the point of issuing coins. However, NGK’s project is very reliable. With the help of the BGV project airdrop, SPC is absolutely high-yield.

In contrast, the booming increase of BGV coins launched on the exchange, the issuance price of BGV is 0.5 US dollars, and the investment return rate at the highest moment has reached about 1778 times. SPC of sure can achieve a thousand times return rate without saying!

With the rise of the NGK platform, for ordinary investors, purchasing NGK computing power products is a low-cost, low-threshold computing power method. Investors can receive the mined NGK on a regular basis, which is more robust than buying coins, and can receive airdrops of BGV and SPC. What are you still waiting for, hurry up and get on the NGK computing power!