As the new dark horse in the cryptocurrency industry,
what makes NGK so smug?

Blockchain has strong vitality as an emerging field. Every year, countless related projects emerge, and the development prospects are great. However, there are some unethical project parties. Thus, we must keep our eyes open, learn how to distinguish genuine and fake project, and choose cautiously. This is a “compulsory course” for everyone in the industry.


The recently born NGK is different because it is a trustworthy project.

The competitive cryptocurrency industry speaks by strength. Today, we are here to see what makes this new dark horse to be so “smug” as soon as it debuts.

Firstly, NGK has absolute technical advantages. It has a unique DPOSS consensus mechanism and a TPS processing speed that can be expanded to million levels. The cross-chain technology is more mature and it innovatively solves the logic of data invisible and data verification. The speed has reached 5000 TPS/sec, which has exceeded the processing speed of MasterCard and VISA.


Secondly, NGK is excellent in terms of project characteristics. It has 100% legitimacy. This is valuable especially in the cryptocurrency industry where unspoken rules prevail. NGK has obtained the MSGA license from United States and passed the strict audit of STO. Its double credit endorsement provides confidence for the users. It also guarantees continuous income to the users and optimistic currency price in the long run.

NGK upholds the principles of “everyone can mine” and “fairness and justice”. Today, NGK is strong. Based on these aspects, it definitely has the capital and strength to become the mainstream currency of the cryptocurrency industry in the future.


In addition, the philosophy and strategy in which the team upholds are the important factors to evaluate whether a project has room for development. Based on this analysis, NGK has great prospect. It aims to build a scalable decentralized blockchain which can support various application ecosystems. With such a long-term vision, NGK has shown its value that is different from those unethical projects who just want to make money.

What is more surprisingly is the practical attitude and intention of NGK. It moves forward steadily, develops practical and feasible goals and plans. Since the establishment of the project in 2018, every step of the project development and planning can be traced.

It is reported that the wallet of NGK mainnet will be officially launched in next month. At the same time, NGK also pays attention to the development of global community by using 15 million units of NGK tokens as rewards. In the next stage, NGK will promote the NGK exchange and create the NGK global financial payment. Therefore, we can see that NGK’s layout is detailed, informative, feasible, and absolutely worthy of the title “the new dark horse in the cryptocurrency industry”.