Another project opens up Decentralized Finance-how does NGK’s DeFi participate?

2 min readNov 19, 2020

The current Decentralized Finance is a big hole, and many of the public chains haven’t missed such an opportunity, and certainly the NGK public chain.

The NGK common chain’s requirement to participate in a liquid mining operation is simple, requiring only a wallet and a certain amount of principal to register. Support for NGK wallet participation, can download the NGK Wallet official wallet on line at the official address: NGK Project Website:, invitation code: ccuCMU.

NGK’s DeFi

The registration process is as follows:

1. Use the recommender’s invitation code to register. You can register with your mobile phone number or mailbox.

2. Currencies charged: Enter the app later in Asset — Collect, and select USDT to charge.

3. Conversion: When the currency is received, click Assets — Conversion, select USDT on the left, USDN on the right, enter the quantity for conversion.

4. Purchasing power: click “node” — “purchasing power”, after the purchase, you can have your own invitation code.

5. Get the invitation code: Click “My” — “Invite Join” to see your invitation code.

NGK’s DeFi

What is NGK Decentralized Finance?

NGK decentralized finance Mining Project Baccarat, Reward Token BGV. The BGV is a new DeFi special token for the NGK.IO blockchain, with a total of 60,000 and a daily production of 1,500.

How to calculate the benefit of mining?

The revenue is divided into two types, the first exchange fee, which will enter the reserve pool at the time of each transaction, and the second is the timely revenue, the new currency mining, which will take you a certain liquidity voucher when you get the timely revenue, and will weighted the dividend BGV token based on your liquidity voucher. DeFi is calculated on a timely basis for each transaction generated and is released at an opportune time within 24 hours.

NGK’s DeFi

Of course, NGK decentralized finance has also started airdrops, which are the default active account priority, with 10,000 BGVs available to existing members at their existing addresses.

NGK got decentralized finance, you didn’t want to dig, but they’re digging, the earnings are still ticking up, and if you don’t mine, your assets are shrinking.

So, for the NGK, mine it up.