Analysis of the NGK blockchain mining ecology

Since 2020, with the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin and the popularity of DeFi mining, some blockchain projects have focused on mining. The major blockchain projects have laid out one after another, trying to get some small profits on this “mining” track. However, many blockchain projects are still based on the POW or POS mechanism, which leads to huge energy consumption and slow block production. In addition, some mining blockchain projects are still relied on mining machines, which consumes a lot of manpower, material resources, and electricity. These have severely restricted the development of the mining industry.

NGK blockchain mining

However, there are also some blockchain projects that innovate on the traditional blockchain. They found the shortcomings of other blockchain and improved the technology, so that they can provide better mining services to many users.

Since October 2020, there has been a popular blockchain in both crypto industry and mining industry, that is the NGK blockchain. The factors contributed to the popularity of the NGK blockchain is very complicated. Part of the reason comes from the joint efforts of its global communities, and part of the reason comes from its lower threshold. However, the main reason is due to its unique technical advantages.

Today, I will mainly focus on the mining industry. The technical advantages we discussed today are mainly related to NGK blockchain mining.

NGK blockchain mining

First, the mining mode of the NGK blockchain adopts an online cloud computing power mining, with the biggest advantage of not having to purchase mining machines or hiring miners to guard the mine. With that, users only need a mobile phone and they can easily operate 7/24, saving time, effort, and cost, while also avoiding personal injury to miners.

Secondly, in terms of the consensus mechanism, the NGK blockchain abandoned the original POW and POS consensus mechanism. Instead, it made changes and innovations to the new DPOS consensus mechanism and launched the DPOSS consensus mechanism. The biggest advantage of this consensus mechanism is that it can reduce energy consumption and produce blocks at a very fast speed, which can meet the needs of users for mining speed and cost.

NGK blockchain mining

In addition to technological innovations, the NGK blockchain has also issued a series of tokens, such as the native token NGK, SPC, VAST, etc. The NGK blockchain token fully connects to mainstream currencies and realizes the platformization in the mainstream currency market, thereby building a multi-chain ecosystem and gaining the supports from mainstream currencies. It is worth noting that NGK mining token is a decentralized passive investment platform built on the NGK ecology, providing users with reasonable services to gain wealth.

The NGK ecological builders can obtain revenue through liquidity mining, and they can also obtain rewards by referring to their friends. In addition, NGK also created the world’s first smart contract referral commission for the mining mechanism. With that, ecological builders can benefit from referral if they promote it.

NGK blockchain mining

Since the NGK blockchain runs on smart contracts, it has achieved 100% decentralization, never shuts down the network, and has no principal commission. It is truly a non-destructive principal mining with complete fairness.

In addition, the NGK blockchain project is initiated by the global community, and the development direction of the project is determined by the community’s vote. It has no private equity, no pre-mining, no founder shares.

The perfect integration of NGK blockchain technology and mining ecology makes the NGK blockchain mining ecology more suitable for small and medium-sized retail investors to enter, and it can also bring long-term benefits to small and medium-sized retail investors.



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