An analysis on the issuance model of VAST and SPC computing power tokens

Many blockchain analysts believe that the blockchain market in 2021 may be slightly different from 2020. The blockchain market in 2020 focuses more on the DeFi field. Many blockchain projects and big players in the capital market are also focusing on the DeFi field. The direction of 2021 blockchain market has changed slightly. Although many ecological builders are still watching the DeFi field, smart institutions and big players have turned their attention to the computing power market.

For the capital market, diversified investment can distribute the risks. If you are desperate, your assets may turn into a bubble. Consistent with the capital market, the NGK blockchain also set its sights on the computing power market early. This is because computing power is the king for the blockchain market. The expansion of the computing power market will help the construction of the entire blockchain market. Therefore, the NGK blockchain has created the NGK ecological Starry Sky project and launched the SPC computing power token. At the same time, it will also launch the SPC sub-coin, VAST in the future.

There is no doubt that the emergence of SPC has allowed many ecological builders to enter the NGK computing power market, and it played an important role in promoting the construction of the NGK computing power ecological Starry Sky project. The total amount of SPC is 100 million units, of which two rounds of airdrops have been carried out, and each round of 2 million SPCs are all distributed to the NGK computing power holders for free. The remaining 96 million units will be put into the NGK computing power market to encourage the NGK computing power holders to actively participate in the NGK computing power mining.

The issuance rules of SPC computing power token is: release once a week, with 2 million units each time and evenly distributed to the NGK computing power holders according to the total amount of computing power of the entire network, and the total release period is 48 weeks.

The rules of SPC are very friendly to every holder of NGK computing power. After holding SPC, they can perform the SPC transactions and exchange star value to obtain VAST.

The issuance rules of star value:

1. When the total computing power of the NGK’s entire network reaches 8 million, the first star value will be issued. Since then, every time the total amount of the NGK’s entire network computing power increases by 500,000, the star value will be issued again

2. The amount of star value for each reward is related to the number of SPC held by the holder of NGK computing power on that day, and the exchange ratio of SPC to Star value is 1:1.

Thus, VAST is very scarce. Based on the calculations, there are only 25 chances for each NGK computing power holder to obtain VAST. The chances may be reduced if some NGK computing power holders hold more SPC.

So now, for every NGK computing power holder, the best way is to increase computing power as soon as possible. As for every off-site ecological builder, the best way is to enter the market as soon as possible and seize the opportunity!



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