A brief analysis of the NGK’s development blueprint

As a distributed commercial blockchain project, the NGK is committed to building a blockchain infrastructure that can serve various businesses. Through a high-performance data architecture, it can provide smart contracts and other operating mechanisms to meet various business application scenarios. The distributed business applications provide high-performance, high-security, and high-availability underlying blockchain support.

NGK was born under the wave of blockchain, and its technology iteratives and evolves continuously to solve the problems for developers and users by enriching the application scenarios. At the same time, it promotes the prosperity of supply and demand. Embracing the future, the NGK will continue to lead this blockchain competition.


One of the NGK’s vision is to focus on technological leadership. Based on this background, NGK has made many technical breakthroughs, which are embodied in the innovative DPOSS consensus mechanism and the brand-new blockchain network protocol. Therefore, the main technical advantages of NGK are high performance, scalability, and security.

At present, the technical advantages of NGK should not be underestimated. In the future, NGK will not replace or exclude other competitors, but embrace and complement its shortcomings. It will continuously achieve the technological innovation with an open and tolerant visions to commercialize and provide openness for technological innovation, laying a solid foundation for the solutions of developers and users.


In terms of ecology, the NGK actively cultivates the blockchain applications, establishes an ecological foundation, and builds a complete ecological closed loop of technology development, application promotion, and transactions. The future ecology of NGK will be the parallel advancement of various fields such as DeFi, NFT, and games. In fact, after the launch of the mainnet, the NGK has gradually established a diverse ecosystem of subdivisions. For example, NGK computing power mining, Calling Hippo DAPP games, NGKEX, NGK liquidity mining, NGK mall, etc. Relying on the high-performance of its distributed ecology, the NGK has more advantages compared to Ethereum and Polkadot. Currently, Ethereum has a complete ecology, and there are many applications built based on it. However, it has disadvantages of high handling fee and high entry threshold; while Polkadot is a blockchain with a complete DeFi scenario. This creates certain competitiveness, but development speed is slow, and many projects are still under the state of network testing.


Looking at the current various stages of ecological development, the NGK will provide more incentives and supports to ecological projects in the future, and it will vigorously promote the construction of the ecosystem by providing technical, financial and resource supports, so that it can have a larger market, potential and development space.

As an emerging project, the NGK actively deploys ecological development and community ecology. The current data shows that its community has achieved explosive growth within half a year, and the global community has hundreds of thousands of supporters who are attracted by the original technological force. In the future, the NGK project will continue to grow and receive more attention. It is destined to become the leader of the blockchain industry.