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DeFi is like a stone, and its rise has caused ripples on the blockchain. Today, this small ripple has already set off stormy waves, and this wave is driven by the DEX.

1. DEX is under a rapid development

The latest data shows that the total transaction volume of DEX in the most recent year reached US$355 billion. Among them, the total trading volume in the first three months of this year exceeded US$200 billion. Compare the same period data in 2019 and 2020, the DEX field shows an exponential growth trend in 2021.


The explosion of DEX stems from…

The blocks in the NGK blockchain system are like electronic bills, which record the transaction information of all nodes. Each block data of NGK is stored in the customer node, and all nodes together form a safe and reliable distributed ledger. Even if the data of any node is destroyed, the system will not be affected. The entire NGK system has a high degree of transparency and openness. In addition to encrypting the private information of all transaction parties, the sharable information will be disclosed to everyone, and the public data can be queried through an open interface.

NGK project

The NGK…

Since 2020, with the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin and the popularity of DeFi mining, some blockchain projects have focused on mining. The major blockchain projects have laid out one after another, trying to get some small profits on this “mining” track. However, many blockchain projects are still based on the POW or POS mechanism, which leads to huge energy consumption and slow block production. In addition, some mining blockchain projects are still relied on mining machines, which consumes a lot of manpower, material resources, and electricity. These have severely restricted the development of the mining industry.

NGK blockchain mining

However, there are also…

As we all know, the blockchain project can have a new start after solving the parallel problem.


There have been many projects characterized by expansion during the past few years of the crypto network development. However, not many of them can create significant solutions. For example, the homogeneous sharding of Ethereum 2.0 and the heterogeneous sharding constructed by Polkadot, the sidechain of Plasma, zkSync, Optimistic, StarkWare, and other cross-chain structures (with cross-chain expansion) such as layer2 and the COSMOS. These projects are constantly looking for the most suitable expansion method based on the blockchain structure of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The…

With the crazy increase in the price of Bitcoin, the entire token market has also entered a stage of recovery. However, coin speculation is not a profitable business. After the celebration, the enthusiasm was finally extinguished by the sudden correction. However, the market recovery did bring many benefits. It not only strengthened the consensus of loyal investors, but also attracted many new players to enter the market. Among them, people who interested in token has shifted from “transaction” to “mining”. …

According to earlier statistics, the global scale of blockchain spending in the past year reached US$4 billion, nearly doubled compared to 2019. Blockchain uses smart contracts to verify data and provide transparency between network participants through immutable shared data, which has attracted widespread attention from countries around the world.

NGK blockchain

However, everything is a double-edged sword, and it is the same in blockchain. The widespread application of blockchain has been celebrated by everyone, and on the other hand, the technology of blockchain has also been questioned by many companies. Some companies are skeptical about sharing sensitive data on ledgers where information…

The frequent hacking of centralized exchanges has caused serious concerns in the market. Therefore, DEX has gradually become the first choice of users, especially in the last year, DEX was very popular and many users have injected funds into the DEX field. However, some users have raised doubts, how DEX solves the user’s asset security problem? NGKEX, as an emerging DEX platform, its security has always been the main concern of most ecological builders. Today, we will explain to you from the following three points, how does NGKEX solve the user’s digital asset security problem?


1. Atomic transaction

Atomic transaction…

The past two years can be regarded as the “first year of contracts.” The popularity of contracts has been increasing, while new and old exchanges have also begun to deploy contract derivatives businesses, such as Huobi, NGKEX, etc. In addition, the NGKEX has unparalleled prerequisites compared to other exchanges. For example, the NGKEX has obtained the U.S. MSB license when it was launched, and it is supervised by professional financial institutions in the United States. This powerful endorsement has also won the trust from most investors and users.


Endorsement is only one of the aspects, while professionalism is the true…

As a distributed commercial blockchain project, the NGK is committed to building a blockchain infrastructure that can serve various businesses. Through a high-performance data architecture, it can provide smart contracts and other operating mechanisms to meet various business application scenarios. The distributed business applications provide high-performance, high-security, and high-availability underlying blockchain support.

NGK was born under the wave of blockchain, and its technology iteratives and evolves continuously to solve the problems for developers and users by enriching the application scenarios. At the same time, it promotes the prosperity of supply and demand. …

Recently, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve made relevant speeches on the current economic conditions and monetary policy of the United States. He believes that before the economic crisis slows down, monetary policy adjustments should not be discussed. Regarding this view, some experts pointed out that this is an affirmation of the current loose monetary policy. However, the loose monetary policy may continue for a long time. So, what impact will the Fed’s latest speech have on Bitcoin?

At the beginning of this month, the price of Bitcoin broke through US$60,000 for the first time. Although it has fallen back…


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